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Submitted By: Q
8/6/2009 8:28:27 PM

Not much new, found some new tools to lower costs..... Automated die design has come a long way.. sort of on hold right now in lieu of putting some time in on other projects, but it is up and running.... Patriot tooling systems is the latest project.... allows a low cost tool to be built with more rigidity than older methods, and 10-13% price reduction... finding more things we can do with it too... it helps enable ...(more)

At RCM, our mission is to design and build high quality progressive stamping dies using the most efficient and advanced methods and technology currently available or developed internally.

RCM is a tool & die shop., Revcam was developed within RCM, and when we realized we had something good, that we thought we could market, we named it,and created a company for it, Revcam.

We have also developed the "Robotic Machinist" as we somewhat sarcastically call it. It is basically a pallet changing system that automatically grinds and edm details via a pallet system, and eventually will automatically do the milling as well. The enabling technology being the programming behind the system allowing us to either quickly, or automatically program the mills, cnc grinder and wire edm machines, and pallet changing robot that feeds all these.

In an effort to try to bring the Revcam product to market, we learned a few things, and how difficult it is to get die shops to change, and also realized that is difficult to do a value justification when your product is really only fixing 10% of the problem. The Revcam milling system is basically like a Ferrari to a V.W. bug when it comes to milling die details, but we still had trouble selling it. The one company that did believe, and has been using the product for about 5 or 6 years now, pumps out 3-4 million in tooling a year from 2 Haas VF3 mills with young apprentice type workers.

So with the Revcam product, and the developing automated system, we thought long and hard about how to make money with this thing, and get it into the hands of others.

The only viable solution I could come up with was the Coordinated Manufacturing concept.

I have since started The Low Cost Tooling Initiative in an effort to get the word out and promote this methodology, and hopefully find members to participate.

The Low Cost Tooling Initiative is a movement to bring together multiple stamping companies, tier1 suppliers and oem's and/or investors to implement and further develop the most efficient die making system to ever exist.

Our company is in a 15,000 sq. foot building and we have 2 Fanuc wire edms, 4 Fadal machining centers, and a CNC wet grinder, as well as other manual grinding and milling equipment.

The bulk of our work flows through the Robotic Machinist with automated grinding, probing, edm'ing etc. enabling us to generally get more work done on those machines than is normally possible.

Robert Quinn, President background:

U. of M. Ann Arbor 1 year in Electrical Engineering, 2 years in Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence Technological University 2 years in Mechanical Engineering.

I started RCM in 1994 as a design company, designing automation equipment, fixtures, gages, dies, and quick die change machinery.

We started building dies a couple years later, and started programming the CAM system around 2000 for the Fadals, prior to that I had already developed my own cam system for programming the wire edm's and proto-trac knee-mills.

We have been at our current location since 2001.

I have done several presentations for the Precision Metalforming Association ( PMA ) regarding CNC Machining Solutions, Lean Die Making, and our Low Cost Tooling Initiative.



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